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Once you complete any of the applications or forms, please return them using our secure delivery service, Citrix ShareFile. As an alternative, you can fax it with a cover sheet to (903) 537-4232, mail it, or hand deliver it to your lending officer.

Important: Do not email your completed financial applications or documents to First National Bank of Mount Vernon. Email is not a secure form of communication and may be intercepted. Your privacy is important to us!

Note: By submitting your loan application, you are giving your consent and authorization to First National Bank of Mount Vernon to obtain a credit report.

First National Bank of Mount Vernon File Drop

Citrix ShareFile is a secure encrypted file sharing system. The Citrix ShareFile service allows First National Bank of Mount Vernon to create a protected environment where documents and files can be exchanged with our clients. Our Lending Officers may email you a link that enables you to create an account or, you may click the File Drop link above to choose a recipient from a drop down menu and upload your file(s) now.

Electronic Disclosure Authorization

In order to speed up the loan application process, with your authorization we may provide required written communications electronically instead of on paper. If you would like to receive communications via email such as loan disclosures, privacy notices, copies of appraisals, and all other documents that First National Bank of Mount Vernon is required to provide with your loan request, please read the Electronic Disclosure Authorization and follow the instructions to submit your consent. If you choose not to receive communications via email, all required written communications will be provided in person or through the postal mail.