CRA Assessment Area

Community Reinvestment Act Notice

Under the Federal Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), the Comptroller of the Currency evaluates our record of helping to meet the credit needs of this community consistent with safe and sound operations. The Comptroller also takes this record into account when deciding on certain applications submitted by us.


The First National Bank of Mt. Vernon has adopted this as the bank's Community Reinvestment Act Statement, pursuant to 12 CFR Part 25. It is the intent of the bank to adhere to both the letter and spirit of the regulation.


The First National Bank of Mt. Vernon services its assessment area through four (4) locations. The main office is located in downtown Mt. Vernon at Main and Kaufman Streets. The Lake Cypress Springs Branch Bank is located on Highway 115 South near Lake Cypress Springs. The Brookshire's Grocery Store Branch Bank is located on Highway 37 South in the Brookshire's Center. The Customer Service Center is located at Main and Kaufman Streets. All locations, except the Customer Center, have Automated Teller Machines. We also have an Automated Teller Machine located inside the Lowe's Distribution Center facility on I-30.


The First National Bank of Mt. Vernon has established its primary assessment area as Mt. Vernon and Franklin County, Texas and a portion of Titus County, Hopkins County, and Camp County. The assessment area is denoted in terms of Block Numbering Areas (BNA's). The First National Bank's assessment area is defined as: Franklin County BNA 9501, 9502, 9503; Titus County BNA 9502; Hopkins County BNA 9501, 9507; and Camp County BNA 9501.02. Our assessment area is shown on the attached map.

From time to time, loans are granted to residents located outside this primary assessment area. All loans will be consistent with safe and sound operation of the bank. These areas include all people regardless of race, age, creed, or sex. Their residence alone established their eligibility as a prospective customer of the bank.


You can participate in our community reinvestment program by making your observations, opinions, and suggestion known to us. This process is extremely important, so please take time to let us know what you think we do well, areas which need improvement, or any additional programs that you think should receive our attention.

As a member of our community, your opinions are appreciated. Please feel free to call upon our management at any time to discuss the community reinvestment program or any of our bank services.


You are entitled to certain information about our operations and our performance under the CRA, including, for example, information about our branches, such as their location and services provided by them; the public section of our most recent CRA Performance Evaluation, prepared by the Comptroller, and comments received from the public relating to our performance in helping to meet community credit needs, as well as our responses to those comments. You may review this information today.

At least 30 days before the beginning of each quarter, the Comptroller publishes a nationwide list of the banks that are scheduled for CRA examination in that quarter. This list is available from the Deputy Comptroller; 500 N. Akard Street; Suite 1600; Dallas, Texas 75201-3394 or at You may send written comments about our performance in helping to meet community credit needs to Mark Hymer, Senior Vice President, First National Bank of Mount Vernon, P.O. Box 909, Mount Vernon, Texas 75457 and Deputy Comptroller; 500 N. Akard Street; Suite 1600; Dallas, Texas 75201-3394 or by email to: Your letter, together with any response by us, will be considered by the Comptroller in evaluating our CRA performance and may be made public.

You may ask to look at any comments received by the Deputy Comptroller. You may also request from the Deputy Comptroller an announcement of our applications covered by the CRA filed with the Comptroller. We are an affiliate of Mount Vernon Bankshares, a bank holding company. You may request from the Director/Applications, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, P.O. Box 655906, Dallas, Texas 75265-5906,; an announcement of applications covered by the CRA filed by bank holding companies.