Shazam Mobile App

Shazam Bolt$ mobile app is a NEW addition added to help you stay informed of debit card purchases.

With the Shazam Bolt$ mobile app, you will be able to customize and receive automatic alerts 24/7 for transactions that may cause concern on your First National Bank of Mount Vernon Debit Card. You will be notified right away when a purchase is not authorized. To prevent any further fraudulent activity on your account, please call immediately to report suspicious transactions. 

  • Shazam Bolt$ is a free downloadable app available for cardholders that is compatible with most iPhones and Android devices.
  • Download today through Apple iTunes or Google Play.
  • Card holders have the ability to access Shazam Bolt$ from a personal computer.
  • A card holder must enter their full card information for Shazam Bolt$. Once the customer has accepted the terms and conditions, you will be prompted to complete the user profile.
  • After logging in the customer will be able to see their balances and access several options, including Alerts & Settings.

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